The database currently contains biographical information on approx. 60'000 persons and is continuously updated. The exact work status is documented under the heading content. Under the heading search biographical data of individuals can either be displayed as a list or visualized (map and network). Additionally it is possible to query and visualize select groups of people belonging to certain universities under the heading scenarios. Both options are available in german only. The search and display options are constantly being expanded.

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Gelehrte der Universität Basel 1460-1550. Herkunfts- und Kommunikationsräume nach Fakultäten. Artisten (blau), Juristen (rot), Mediziner (grün), Theologen (schwarz).
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Juristen aus der Diözese Kontanz 1350-1550. Studienorte (blau), Tätigkeiten (rot).
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Adelige Universitätsbesucher in Wittenberg 1502-1550. Herkunftsorte (braun), Studienorte (blau), Wirkungsorte (rot).
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